Volker Heyn (*1938) Kowalski's Katz or the Rest of the fuckin’ Story (Part I) (2001) 
electric guitar, synthesizer, electric bass, electric cello, percussion and tape

Louis Andriessen (*1939) Hout (1992) 
tenor saxophone, marimba, electric guitar and piano

Philippe Kocher (*1973) Zweiundzwei (1999) 
baritone saxophone, electric guitar, electric piano, electric cello and drums

Manfred Stahnke (*1952) Harbor Town Love at Millennium's End (1994) 
saxophone, prepared piano and percussion

Mathias Gloor (*1969) Le chat dans le jardin (3 movements) (1999) 
piano, baritone saxophone, electric guitar, electric cello and percussion



Jaap van Bemmelen: electric guitars 

Daniel Buess: drums and percussion instruments

Samuel Wettstein: piano, electric piano and synthesizer 

Martin Birnstiel: electric cellos


Rico Gubler: saxophones 

Matthias Hettmer: electric basses

Recorded on June/30, July/1 and July/2 2000 (Stahnke), August 6 - 12, 2000 (Gloor and Kocher), October 28, 2000 (Andriessen), March 31 2002 (Heyn) by Alex Buess at the Aula Burg in Liestal/BL.

Mixed by Alex Buess in January 2003 at Studio Wolf 2.8.1. in Basle

Mastered by Alex Buess on July 26, 2003 at Daniel Suters Echochamber in Zurich

ProTools editing by Jaap van Bemmelen, beat controlling by Daniel Buess

The rights of the compositions are by Donemus (Andriessen), GEMA (Stahnke+Heyn) and

SUISA (Gloor+Kocher) .

Art direction, design and photography by Roger Graf, Basle

Liner Notes by Michael Heisch, Zurich

English translation by Maureen Oberli-Turner, Vitznau/LU

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