The 39 Steps – Hitchcock and the Thirties

  1. Mr Memory Theme (composed by Bernard Herrmann)
  2. The curtain is rising
  3. Magic Mario
  4. My funny Valentine (1937 composed by Richard Rodgers)
  5. Annabella’s story
  6. Suspense Chords
  7. Annabella Variation
  8. Sleepy Hannay
  9. Cavatina (composed by Stanley Myers)
  10. Annabella dies
  11. North by Northwest Ouverture (composed by Bernard Herrmann and arranged for two electric guitars)
  12. TraintoScotland
  13. Marnievariations
  14. No one can be like a drummer man (composed by Samuel Lerner)
  15. Psycholoop (composed by Bernard Herrmann)
  16. Twisted Nerves Solo (composed by Bernard Herrmann)
  17. Forthbridge
  18. The Farm (composed by Bernard Herrmann)
  19. Inverary Alternative
  20. The Farm Variation (composed by Bernard Herrmann)
  21. All the things you are (1939 composed by Jerome Kern)
  22. Transition to

  23. I’ll fight (composed by Jeff Tweedy)

  24. Jawstheme (composed by John Williams)
  25. North by Northwest Ouverture Remix (composed by Bernard Herrmann and arranged for Hammond organ)
  26. Hitchcock presents (composed by Bernard Herrmann)
  27. Noiseclouds
  28. Mr Memory Original Theme (composed by Louis Levy)
  29. Suspense and Surprise

  30. Yesterdays (1933 composed by Jerome Kern)
  31. Pursuit Intro
  32. Pursuit-Metalloop
Vertigo Scène d’amour (composed by Bernard Herrmann)

  34. Inverary

  35. Marnie Stocking Scene (composed by Bernard Herrmann)

  36. Mrs Mc Garrigle (Live-Recording)

  37. Marnie Song (composed by Bernard Herrmann, lyrics by Nat King Cole)
  38. All of me (1931 composed by Gerald Marks and Seymour Simons)
  39. In a sentimental mood (1935 composed by Duke Ellington)


All Tracks composed, arranged, sung and played by Jaap van Bemmelen, except as indicated.

Mr Memory Theme whistled and All of me sung by René-Philippe Meyer

Marnie and No one can be like a drummer man sung by Katja Tippelt

The kazoo and the percussion in No one can be like a drummer man is played by Katja Tippelt

 Voice in Mrs Mc Garrigle by Mario Gremlich and Breathloop in Pursuit by Max Merker

Recorded and produced at home and in Bjarne Friis’ Fairplay Studio in Solothurn, Switzerland, June and July 2010

Mixed and Mastered in Bjarne Friis’ Fairplay Studio in Solothurn, CH, in August 2010

Special Thanks to Christian Doll and Silvie von Kaennel for giving me the chance to create this soundtrack